Sunday, January 8, 2012

in love with pearls.

i went to a seven sisters college. 
there, i am proud of this  and it has formed my life. 
i am not a snob 
(all the time)
from going there. 
i wanted desperately to fit in, but could never manage this. 
i suspect that this theme is something you have heard and will hear again and again. 
apologies on that. 
many times over. 

what i now know is that i wanted to thumb my nose at all the seeming conventions of the time. 
my head just was not screwed on right though. 
i was thinking of the 50's. 
not the later 70's when i actually went. 
so i will confess, i need pearls all the time. 
who knew?
in my mind, the pearls that were standard, were simple strands of evenly sized beauties. 
never got any. 
they were never a contender for application to my then slender neck. 

in the mindset of thumbing my nose or being sarcastic pearl-wise, 
i started to play around with the glass based pearl surfaced variants. 
they came in all kinds of sizes and shapes and the prices were right. 
most of the time, they have been available to me in the $5.00 per pound section 
in one of my haunts. 
how could i not play
 when they were available just waiting to feel the fountain of youth
strike them full of new purpose?

so play i did. 
and i started to swag and loop like my mother's pearls never would have. 
of course, she probably has real pearls. 
i am mortified, but i am insanely frugal. 
i don't mean to use inexpensive stuff, or junky stuff, or broken, chipped, scratched or 
yucky versions of the real mccoys. 
however, i love the lower price point of the fake pearls. 
only when i can snag a huge amount of them. 
lots and lots of them. 

here are a few of the necklaces i made playing pearly tetris. 

 bibelot I

baby Bee

shimmer and luster 

coco neige

bridal bibelot II

miss barnes

miss luella

sue-lin's lariat


victorian sensible II



i have taken to the pearls... wouldn't you say so?
they are not really what the fifties suggested, 
but are now classic stylish necklaces 
from a seven sister's grad with a contemporary twist. 

i feel like i fit in now. 
the new goal may be to never fit in again... hee hee. 





  2. I too am a "Pearl Girl" - these are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!

  3. so...are they for sale?????

  4. These are beautiful. You have an eye for style and I think you've found your calling. I agree with Renee, are these for sale?

  5. I want a Jody ... please share where I can get one. These are all fantastic! I love pearls too!

  6. wow. i had no idea that there was such a hue and cry for my love of pearlie goodies. will work away on this style and post in my etsy store.

    1. I love the Jodi pearls necklace. Could you please make me one????? P!ease!!!!!

  7. I make jewelry myself and I must say I rarely really love anyone else's designs... that being said, I LOVE yours. Keep up the wonderful artistry!

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  9. Hello Wendy, my sister love the Jody. How can I purchase this for her ?