Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this is a different kind of entry for me. 
it is a little bit about a friend of mine that moved away.

we no longer talk, since it is not always convenient and right there in front of me. 
we no longer bump into each other at a coffeehouse. 
in planned meet-ups.

i think of her often and very fondly. 
as everyone else in life has things that they deal with...
 nadia deals with many of hers
on her blog. 
i get to keep up with stuff through reading her entries. 
she is a masterful photographer. 
her photos tell a huge story and one that she often accompanies 
with equally beautiful stories.

when i knew her, she and her husband and small canine menagerie
lived in my city.

she owned a small store called "French Dressing"
where amongst many delightful treasures, she sold some of my jewelry. 
she is a girl of Montreal. 
she understands urban contexts. 
her underpinnings are all of that origin. 
still, the country life suits her best nowadays.

if you would like to meet her through the blogging world, 
surely she would be as gracious in print as i know her to be in real life. 

i am doing this entry because i would love to share a passel of her photos. 
if you would like to see more of her hard work for yourself, 
please check her out. 
you will not be disappointed. 
if you should decide to leave a comment, feel free to tell her that i sent you. 
she ought to know she is not forgotten now that she lives elsewhere. 

and now for some of her extra pretty pics. 
there are so many more.
 these just grabbed my eye.

i am absolutely certain that she enjoys meals outside 
at her current farmhouse digs...
weather permitting. 
i would so enjoy this table in real life. 

surely she has served many a pretty fig right here. 
along with farm fresh tomatoes and 
warm crusty bread from the oven.

i would just stare up at this phenomenal chandelier for hours. 
certainly, she added to its original beauty. 
the sum of the parts exceeds their value.

these hands  
freshly harvested fruit and 
a life time of experiences. 

blueberries before the birds... 
waiting for a little more sun.

signature reads and blues

peonies are amongst my favorite flowers. 
shape and scent make it all  
worth the long wait. 

i believe this to be her chere maman, 
sitting in a cafe that reeks of francophilia. 
the woman featured is wearing a necklace i made. 
she makes it so elegant. 

i adore the shirt and the roses. 

another of my older necklaces
on store display.

another necklace serving duty,
as a headdress for a 
very pretty niece 

some wild thing also appreciating 
 another pretty necklace.


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